As the only daughter of Polish/German parents, I have an acute sense of not-belonging and foreignness, my struggles to find a ‘home’ - literally, spiritually, emotionally - continually motivate me to make work. I'm strongly independent and protect my freedom to explore my histories and inner landscapes. Defying expectations is the price for my independence and I have chosen to pursue and explore mythologies and ancient stories to create my own rituals, objects and environments.

My interdisciplinary practice spans photography, still and moving imagery, sculpture and sound. It often involves the creation of installations using a combination of found, man-made and natural materials. The ways in which time and the elements affect a piece of work and ultimately its decay can be as important as its initial creation. 

Informed by my background in theatre, I am interested in the creation of spaces and atmospheres, inviting the viewer to enter and become part of a situation.

Whenever possible I aim to work site-specifically and in response to a situation found. I have an open-hearted, open-minded and experimental attitude and go where the practice takes me.